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Echidna Counselling

Are you asking yourself when will I feel ‘normal’ and what does that even feel like?

Do you feel alone, exhausted and overwhelmed, by the waves of intense feelings you are having?

Have you been having trouble sleeping, feeling panicky or sick, and even sometimes numb, unable to concentrate on everyday tasks?

Would you like to feel that things are less intense, find a balance again and begin to look to the future with hope?


I provide counselling to people like you so you can:

Feel more connected

Make sense of your emotional responses

And work with you to confidently define what your normal looks like



Echidna Counselling

Hello, I’m Megan, I help people like you to feel less like you’re a passenger on an out of control emotional roller-coaster.

I offer weekly counselling sessions so you can explore your feelings and reactions and begin to make sense of what is going on for you.

We are all faced with the reality of losses, and how we react will be influenced by many different things. I’ve worked with loss and grief for over 10 years and it has shown me that loss isn’t always about death, it can be break-ups, lost jobs or changing role, loss of health or ability, moving and the list goes on.

Together we can explore how you’ve got to where you are, develop clarity and restore coping mechanisms that help you begin to heal, improve your quality of life and re-establish meaningful relationships.

We live in a world where we are encouraged to care for our physical health but what if counselling were the best self-care you could give yourself?


A first sessions lasts up to 90 minutes and together we can explore if counselling is right for you, answer any questions you may have, and agree a way forward


Regular weekly sessions of 50 minutes. The counselling is open ended and can continue for as long as it's felt to be beneficial.


I can offer regular counselling online for those people who find it more difficult face to face sessions. 

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